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Brad Lyon – Canadian Indicator Club Recipient

See Brad Lyon receive the prestigious Indicator Award at the Blue Convention in Montreal

Softball Canada has announced the recipients of the Indicator Club award and it includes our very own Brad Lyon for all the work within our association as well as at the provincial and national levels.

Brad has umpired and supervised up to the national level as well as serving in a variety of administrative roles in different softball organizations in Alberta, Ontario and B.C. Most recently Brad has been our association president for two years and has instituted

  • improved clinic training
  • expanded the mentoring program
  • updated policies and by laws
  • instrumental in improving our website quality
  • member of the provincial board

Also included are Jim Noble (Calgary) , Richard Korbyl (Edmonton) and Ed Ridgen (Calgary).

Learn more about the Indicator Club and see previous winners

Congratulations to all.

Rule Changes – 2019

Softball Canada issues a new rulebook, and institutes rule changes, every two years. The next set of rule changes will take place for the 2019 season. The AGM and Congress of Softball Canada was held in Montreal, Quebec. During the AGM, several rule changes were approved for the 2019 and 2020 seasons. They are summarized in the following document:

Softball Canada Rule Changes – 2019-2020


Please note the dates and events may change.

Events with (?) after them are tentative.

May 10-12: Sylvan Lake

May 24-26: Blackfalds, Red Deer (GPLS), Delburne(?)

May 31-June 2: Stettler, Red Deer

June 7-9: Lacombe, Rimbey, Shakers (Leduc)

June 14-16: U12 C/D, U14 C/D Zone Playdowns (Leduc)

June 21-23: Innisfail

June 30-July 2: U14C Provincials (Castor)

July 12-14: Slopitch Provincials (Blackfalds)

July 26-28: Intermediate  A, B, C, Senior A, B Ladies Provincials, Blackfalds

Suggested Tournament Rules



  • No protests allowed
  • Umpire decision is final
  • Abuse of umpires or tournament staff will not be tolerated


  • All players bat
  • Unlimited defensive substitutions


  • No new inning may start within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time of the next game. (for example, 90-minute time slots, no new inning starts after one hour, 15 minutes)
  • Time limit starts at the completion of the plate conference.
  • No open innings.
  • 5 runs max per inning in all divisions
  • U10: if coach pitch rules being used, base runners may only advance one base on a passed ball and may only score on a batted ball.
  • Ties allowed in round robin
  • In playoffs, a tie game will be decided using the International Tie Breaker, starting in the 8th inning, or the first full inning after time limit has been reached. Last batter of the previous inning starts on second base, and there are no outs.


  • If either team is leading by 15 runs after three complete innings.
  • If home team is winning when time limit reached.
  • If either team is unable to catch up due to the five runs per inning rule.
    • At-bats will not be taken simply for the purposes of runs for/against ratios.
    • The official final score will be the score when the game concludes. No scores will revert to the previous inning.
    • When submitting the score to the tournament host, the number of innings in which each team batted is also to be submitted, for use in potential tiebreaking


If teams are tied in points after the round robin the higher placing team will be decided by:

  1. Team with most victories
  2. Winner of head to head game between the tied teams.
  3. Team with the highest run ratio, calculated as follows for each of the tied teams:
  4. Total Runs Scored divided by Total Innings on Offence = OFF
  5. Total Runs Allowed divided by Total Innings Fielded = DEF
  6. OFF divided by DEF = Run Ratio
  7. Coin toss.

Weather Situations

Taken from our Policies document, the following is recommended

4.2 Weather and Other Issues

The safety of all participants is the prime concern of all umpires when it comes to inclement weather, temperatures, air conditions, fitness of field conditions, or other circumstances/ conditions.

4.2.1 Prior to the start of each season, associations will be reminded by the RDSUA that the home team for each game has certain responsibilities as follows:

– Decide by 4:30 pm on the day of the game as to whether conditions allow for the game to start. If it is judged the conditions are unsafe/unsuitable to start the game, the home team is to notify the RDSUA and the visiting team that the game has been cancelled.

Contact the assigner by

  • texting or phoning Lisa at (403) 877-4708
  • or (as a last resort) emailing the assignor

Factors to be considered include:

  1. Rain is heavy, has caused water to pool on the diamond, and/or caused unsafe field conditions.
  2. Forecasted temperature in the host community at the start of the game is less than 10 degrees Celsius.
  3. Environment Canada has indicated significant air quality issues by setting the air quality index at 7 or above on a scale of 10 in the host community area.
  4. Other circumstances (for example, tornado or thunderstorm warnings, natural disaster, etc)

4.2.2 Once a game is underway (at the conclusion of the plate conference), the decision on whether a game continues is the responsibility of the plate umpire. The plate umpire’s decision to stop and/or end a game will be based on the following factors:

  1. Temperature dips significantly.
  2. Rain is hard enough that it causes a visibility issue, water starts to pool, or field conditions become unsafe.
  3. Thunder is heard 30 seconds or less after seeing lightning. Game is delayed until 30 minutes after the last occurrence.
  4. Field conditions become unsafe for any reason.
  5. Wind causes visibility issues or other hazards.
  6. Any other situation that develops during the game which the plate umpire deems to impact the safety of the participants.

4.2.3 If more than one diamond is being used at the same facility, if the decision is made by an RDSUA umpire to stop a game on one diamond due to weather issues, all other diamonds staffed by RDSUA umpires will stop as well.

Training Clinics Available

Join the RDSUA Team in 2019

A great part-time summer job – and the best position on the diamond

  • Earn $$$$: officiate evening weekday games and weekend tournaments in May and June, often in your home town
  • Join an exclusive group: the third team on the diamond
  • Develop important personal skills: teamwork, self-confidence, cooperation, decision-making, and public speaking.
  • New Umpire Registration Fee: $100  (includes clinic, lunch, Softball Canada registration, insurance, rule book, manual)

Camrose: April 27 Our Lady of Mount Pleasant Catholic School

Questions? Send us an email at:




New Umpires: See the WELCOME LETTER

New and returning umpires, please fill in and return the UMPIRE REGISTRATION form

RDSUA member Levi Wagner hired to work CanAm League

Levi Wagner from Clive is both a softball and baseball umpire.

He has attended Minor League Baseball’s Umpire school in Vero Beach, Florida for four weeks starting in January.

Levi has just been placed under contract by the CanAm professional baseball league which features teams from Quebec, Ottawa, New Jersey as well as the Cuban National team and a team from the Shikoku Island League of Japan.

Congratulations Levi


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