Welcome to the official website of the Red Deer Softball Umpires Association (RDSUA). Check back to the website regularly for new information, including the local tournament schedule. If you are an umpire who is new to the Red Deer/central Alberta region, or you are interested in starting your umpiring career, please contact any member of the RDSUA executive listed in the Contact Us section of this website.

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Mens League

  • League starts Wednesday May 23 with schedule running until early July.
  • Regular season schedule will be confirmed after May 1.
  • Playoffs will not be a weekend tournament this year, but will be held weeknights in mid-July, with the schedule and locations to be determined.
  • The new Softball Canada pitching rule will be enforced.

Umpire Fees

Fees are based on the level that a person has achieved.

You may stay at any level as long as you wish, but it is recommended that you progress upward from level 1, particularly as you need higher levels to work most Provincial, Western and Canadian championships.

Level 1 officials may work minor level provincials if the need arises.

RookiesUnder 18$ 100
Rookies18 & over$ 125
ReturningLevel 1$ 125
ReturningLevel 2$ 140
ReturningLevel 3$ 150
ReturningLevel 4$ 160
ReturningLevel 5$ 175

Executive Contacts

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of our executive committee.

Due to attempted phishing attempts, please use the following to email anyone on the board

Select the email name from below then add @rdsua.ca after that

Executive Contact List

PresidentBrad Lyonpresident(403) 391-9014
Vice PresidentMalcolm Murrayvicepresident(403) 358-2494
TreasurerConnie Andersontreasurer(403) 638-3923
AssignorLisa Lemasurierassignor(403) 877-4708
Director at LargeRoss Towersross(403) 350-9643
RecruitmentChris Harperchris(403) 396-9502
LacombeShane Srokashane(403) 704-3851
Battle RiverDanny Barondanny(403) 704-5328
Mentor & WebsitePat O'Callaghanwebsite(403) 598-2647
InformationGeneral Inquiriesinfo